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I'm Matthew Ottley,
and I'm interested in anything to do with acoustics.

Talking Acoustics looks into the art and science of acoustics as I catch up with some of the people who spend their lives working in this field. Acoustics is a diverse science and I talk to a different expert every episode, each with their own specialty. We will talk about what they do, how they came to get into a job that many people have never heard of, what they have learned along the way and what the future holds.

I'm Matthew Ottley, I run the Sydney office for Marshall Day Acoustics and I'm interested in anything to do with acoustics. I have always had a passion for music and sound, so a career in acoustics came as no surprise. From as soon as I could get hold of the tools I was building guitars and pulling amplifiers apart. Something about sound keeps pulling at a thread in me.

As an acoustic consultant my job is not just about acoustics, it is mostly about communication and collaboration. The acoustics for a project (even a concert hall or studio) is only one component of what goes into making a space work, of solving a problem. What I do is collaborate with architects, planners, developers, builders and designers to find solutions to problems and to make things work.

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