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Ep 21 - Jim Metzner

Jim Metzner has spent a lifetime recording soundscapes, from which he has produced records, radio programs and now podcasts. His podcast Pulse of the Planet, started on radio in 1988 and is now also heard widely as a podcast. In 2020, Jim's sound archive was acquired by the US Library of Congress which will be the new home of the Metzner archive: 40 years of soundscapes, programs, interviews, music and non-categorizable audio.

I spoke to Jim at the 2022 NZ Acoustical Society conference in Wellington where he was a keynote speaker. He was in NZ visiting the University of Otago as a Fulbright Specialist in Media and Communication.

If you want to learn more about Jim following this you can check out:

- his podcast Pulse of the Planet

- the American Soundscapes project

- read his novel Sacred Mounds

- or look out for his upcoming memoire, Adventures of a Lifelong Listener.


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