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Ep 23 - Libby Sander

Dr Libby Sander is an internationally renowned academic expert on the future of work and the workplace. Libby is a leading thinker on understanding the future of work, and how we can re-imagine work to live more meaningful and creative lives. She has spoken at TEDx and is an Agenda Contributor at the World Economic Forum. She is the MBA Director and Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Bond University and was awarded the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for University Teacher of the Year in 2109. Libby has a PhD in Organisational Behaviour, and also holds a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management, Bachelor of Arts in Japanese, and Bachelor of Business.

Libby also has a reasearch focus on workplaces and how workplace design affects the people that work in them. In the last few years she has been involved with two reseach programs looking at how acoustics impacts outcomes in workplaces and education settings.

Libby and I, with others from Bond University worked on a paper "Using Virtual Reality to Evaluate the Impact of Room Acoustics on Cognitive Performance and Well-Being" which looked at cognitive reponses to acoustic changes in an education setting.

Libby and her team at Bond also worked on a study with Resonate Acoustics "Open-plan office noise is stressful: Multimodal stress detection in a simulated work environment" which looked at responses to noise in office settings.

Libby's website with links to her research is:

Libby also has her own podcast with Matt Webber called The Floorplan Podcast:

The Floorplan is a thorough and sometimes funny exploration of the modern workplace and the future of work

The Future of Work Studio can be found here:


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