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Ep 1: Peter Knowland

A man who has done it all in acoustics in Australia, and one of the original acousticians on the Sydney Opera House design.

In Episode 1 I have the real pleasure of talking to Peter Knowland, one of the original professionals in Acoustics in Australia. He started his company PKA Acoustic Consulting in 1968 and has guided the firm through over 10,000 projects in the 49 years since. He is both a Fellow and founding member of the Australian Acoustical Society and helped establish the Association of Australasian Acoustical Consultants.

His true passion is for the acoustics of live music and drama performance spaces, and he has been involved with over 120 such projects over his career. Perhaps the most well known venue being the Sydney Opera House, where a young Peter Knowland became the local assistant to Jorn Utzon’s appointed acoustician, the Dane Dr. Vilhelm Jordan.

I have known Peter for over 20 years and I worked for him for 11. His accumulated knowledge and experience has endowed him with something of a sixth sense for acoustics.

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